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Dealer Simplified – Automotive Software Reimagined

Dealer Simplified, apps for car dealersDealer Simplified is a software and consulting company. We specialize in simplified profit solutions for car dealerships. Dealer Simplified works with dealers to increase their business without increasing their advertising budget.

Founded  by a group of automotive industry veterans determined to provide dealers with a new way to manage their business, Dealer Simplified launched groundbreaking technologies that empowered dealers to improve their wholesale profitability.

Its Software that actually works!

It all started with a Grand Slam…. We are talking about the breakfast, not the home run. So one day we were sitting at Denny’s having breakfast discussing our frustration with all the unnecessary features sales managers wanted us to add to our corporate software and the idea behind creating the ‘Easy CRM’ formed in our mind. From the seed of the idea of keeping thing simple, Dealer Simplified LLC came into being.
Phil Gates, Dealer Simplified
Phil Gates

Dealer Simplified automotive software reimaginedWe study the apps and sites we love and try to apply the best of it here. Fewer clicks. Smarter ways to pack and unpack information. Our goal is to make every function as intuitive and simple as it can be, whether you’re searching for a car, wholesaling a car, building a payment, or renewing your services with us.

As intuitive and simple as we try to make our tools, everybody still needs step-by-step instructions once in a while. So we have created an enormous help section, filled with tutorials, instructional videos, answers to common questions, and customer forums.

Today, Dealer Simplified provides solutions to streamline the desking process, customer retention, auction, dealer website  and wholesale management.

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